part 2/3!

sorry about the really plain and boring graphic, but i decided to make a follow forever since i’ve never done one before! all of these blogs are flawless and my dash wouldn’t be the same without them, everyone should be following these people! i love you all :-) (highlighted is my current tumblr crushes)

h: harryedward

i,j&k: irishslutjustintolovekryptoniallkendallskylie

l: littlehoranslaimpayneliampaynezloganlurmans

m: malikdickmaxgspotmalikstermalikmyvaginamalikaddict

n&o: niallhoransninihohonialshoranollymurs,

p: perfectskiespayningperfectrainbowpartynaked

q,r&s: stunningbieberstylesobsessedsexlinsonstylettesscarswillstayslytherinstylessobieber1dsteferine

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